Message From Our President

Art & Life. Joy & Hospitality

If you ask us what we do, we’ll tell you that we are about bringing real joy to others in a time when people don’t even know the meaning of the word. The majority of the Foltz Folklife Foundation board of directors have been brought up surrounded by the joy and hospitality that flows from the doors of the Foltz Pottery shop. We know the true meaning of the word – fellowship, happiness, laughter, consolation, perserverance, passion, excitement, longing, and even sometimes sadness. To experience joy is to live with life’s ups and downs knowing that tomorrow is a new day and that there is more to life than the present struggles or blessings.

Art & Life. Joy & Hospitality. No matter what we do: art shows, classes, seminars, bus trips, fundraisers, events (plain or fancy), publish books, make documentaries, host concerts, share food, become massively successful or modestly significant, we promise to keep moving forward and remind the world what it means to experience joy.

Samuel Shoemaker, President