The Foltz Folklife Foundation has three focused initiatives. Education, Preservation, and Promotion are the ways in which we will continually work to bring our vision to life.


for the future

Through classes, seminars, educational programming, K-12 partnerships, and building an online learning library, we are focusing our efforts to help educate future generations to sustain folklife & arts through authentic, joyful learning experiences.

2017 In 2017 we will be holding classes in August and December. Please see our website for more details –

Beyond In 2018 we will be adding more classes, guest speakers, and seminars. We are also looking to create an after school program and to begin to explore how to build our online library.


for the past

Preserving and documenting the collected histories and stories of people like Ned & Gwen Foltz, and their many folk collector friends, is just one way in which we are holding to our roots. We are also planning for a museum/exhibit space, seminars, speakers, documentaries, and more. 

2017 2017 will be a year of exploration, planning, and preparing. We are currently in the very beginning stages of developing a clear plan for a museum and exhibit space. Additionally, we are putting together a team of very creative and  talented people that will be central in creating content like documentaries, videos, and more.

Beyond In 2018 and beyond our focus will be to have public, rotating exhibits of the wonderful collections of our dear friends. Additionally, scheduling regular guest speakers, seminars, demonstrations, and expanding our content offerings will be key.


for the present

The Foltz Folklife family is made up of artists, collectors, musicians, cooks, storytellers, historians, teachers, and craftspeople. We want to come alongside them by hosting shows and events to encourage and support them as they share their passions with
the world.

2017 In 2017 we will be hosting our first Candlelight Gala in November. We hope to make this a highly anticipated annual fundraiser. Also, we are planning a special craft show for 2018. This event will be a renewing of an old Foltz Pottery tradition.

Beyond We are going to continue to create new events like summer barbeques, music festivals, and wonderfully unique art & craft shows that live out our tagline “Art & Life. Joy & Hospitality.”