Foltz Folklife Vision

Our vision is to establish an internationally renowned organization that celebrates the traditions of art and life both in Lancaster County and around the world; while building our communities by inspiring and promoting the Joy & Hospitality exemplified in the lives of Ned & Gwen Foltz. Our Mission

Our Mission

The Foltz Folklife Foundation will strive to provide a hospitable, joyful, and an encouraging learning experience into folk life and arts both locally and abroad, and directly promote, support, and preserve folk traditions. Building A Legacy

The Legacy

Why The Foltz Folklife Foundation?

The Foltz Folklife Foundation has been founded by the extended Foltz Pottery family, striving to preserve the warmth of Ned & Gwen Foltz’s hospitality and the joy of their creativity for future generations. Their passion for folk art and folklife has been a blessing to all who have stepped into their home or shop.

Building A Legacy

Our Initiatives

Education • Preservation • Promotion See What We're Doing